Track mobile phones easily with this online service

Almost every individual now owns a cell phone, and a larger percentage of this number own smartphones. Connecting with people have gotten easier too, ever since the era of social media and instant messaging. Even without a mobile number, it is now possible to connect with another person through their social media handle on any of the popular platforms. Millions of people have already adopted this new mode of communication, and the numbers continue to increase on a daily basis.

The need to track mobile devices came with the GPS technology, which makes it possible to locate smartphones in any location as long as there is a connection to the Internet. Some mobile apps allow you choose whether to share your location with other users of similar applications or not, but on most occasions, it is quite difficult to pinpoint your exact location. In another instance, you might desire to know the location of another person without their knowledge for personal or security reasons, and it can almost seem impossible to rely on these apps. At that point, you will need a reliable service which is easy to use and is also undetectable.

By sharing a YouTube video with your friend, husband, wife or child, you can know their exact location the moment they open and watch the video; it is that simple. Whichever way you choose to share the video kink, whether via email, WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social media platform, as long as the link delivers and the receiver opens the video, you get the location.

This service is designed to work with any smartphone, Android, iOS and Windows phone. Since it is not an application, setting it up does not require you to download anything, just subscribe to the online mobile tracker web service, and you can get access to as many locations as possible.

How to use the online mobile tracker service

Setting up the service is straightforward. After choosing the package your desire, the next step will be to log on to YouTube and select any video of your choice, basically something the person you wish to know their location would be interested in, get the link and then share it with the individual in question. The next step is now to wait for the recipient to open the video you shared with him or her, and the location is saved instantly.

Looking to try this service for the first time might raise a few questions like how correct the location is, how to subscribe to the service, and how often you will be charged for using the online mobile tracker. The error margin for identifying the exact location is only about five meters, and the subscription to the service is only a one-time deal. As opposed to other types of trackers which require downloading an application or running some complicated computer program, online mobile tracker offers the best option to experience a simple and easy to use service that provides detailed instructions on how to use the online mobile tracker after the subscription has been confirmed.