The perfect place for your hot tub

Having your hot tub in the right place complements the experience you will enjoy in your spa. Location matters a lot, especially when you consider the season and how best to maintain your hot tub and still enjoy relaxing in it whenever you desire. When choosing the perfect place for your spa, one significant factor to think about how often you will be using the hot tub. If you can place it in the right location, you can use your tub even during the cold season.

Choosing the ideal place for your hot tubs in West Vancouver may not be as difficult as you might have thought it would be, provided you can follow some of these simple tips;

Think comfort and convenience

If you have a pool in your house, it will make sense to install the spa close to the pool for plumbing and electricity reasons. Also, it should be as close as possible to the backdoor entrance of your home, because during winter, taking long walks from the hot tub into the house can prove to be very discomforting because of the cold.

Consider the weather

The weather condition of the area where you reside may vary accordingly. Some areas experience all four seasons, while the climate in other places may be warm for a long time. So, consider the weather in your area and take advantage of the general environment to help you make up your mind in finding the right place for your hot tub.

If you the climate around your area is usually on the sunny side, it will be more suitable to have your spa facing the northeast, as this will give you relief from the sun. But, if you reside in the regions where the weather is usually cold, it will be more suitable to have your spa facing the south so you can enjoy as much sun as you can get.

Privacy is paramount

You will want to keep your business in your hot tub private. Relaxation is more about enjoying the tranquility, rather than having neighbors stare at you all day in your spa. So, when choosing a spot, consider a location that meets the criteria above and also a place that is less exposed to the public. If privacy is important to you, as I believe it is a vital factor for anyone, but your backyard is too open, you can consider building a structure to shade you from prying eyes.

The primary use of the hot tub

If you are using the spa as a special place to relax with your spouse and enjoy some private time, it will be preferable if you place the hot tub in an isolated spot in the backyard. But, if the hot tub is going to be used mostly for family gatherings and relaxation purposes, it will make sense for it to be close to the spot set aside for group gatherings.

Appearance is essential

The hot tub should not look tacky with the way it is placed around your home. If anything, it should have some beauty and value which family and friends will appreciate when they come around.