Skateboarding Adventure with the KKA S1

The KKA S1 combines the experience of land surfing and skiing in one incredible device. The new and unique skateboard is the first of its kind and a ground-breaking idea that birth a revolutionary solution for skating enthusiasts. The KKA S1 is an advanced electric skateboard designed to satisfy every level of your skating experience, from beginners to professional performers.

Skating with the KKA S1 gives you the feeling of awesomeness and the combined excitement of snowboarding & skiing. The adventure you enjoy with this skateboard is because of the one of a kind mechanics which gives the feeling of caving and sliding down from the top of a mountain. The skateboard can adapt to any platform, it is perfect for on and off-road adventure with features that help create the most efficient skating experience. The board is designed to be flexible and perfect for smooth and rough surfaces. You can quickly maneuver with ease, on any path such as bike lanes, city streets, and even country roads.

Many skating enthusiasts who have tried the KKA S1 have been fortunate to enjoy the powerful, fast, strong and durable skateboard. You can tell from the videos and graphics how much fun skating with the board is, but, it feels so much better doing it in person.

Some notable features of the KKA S1

The electric skateboard has some amazing features that make it the perfect device for skateboarding adventure;

• The Magnesium alloy frame design is made with carbon fiber.

• The four-wheel rear and front drive allow for a smaller turning radius.

• The motor power has a maximum rotational speed of 1800rpm, a maximum speed of 32km/h and a maximum mileage of 40km.

• The waterproof design enhances its durability and protects the skateboard from water damage.

• The mobile integration feature allows you to connect your smartphone to the skateboard and access additional features.

• The Bluetooth App feature makes it possible for Remote Control.

• The impressive big battery life of 8.8Ah Lithium Battery gives the rider a long-lasting experience on the KKA S1.

• The electronic Holzer brake in the skateboard gives you complete control of your skating adventure.

• Safety certification from CE/FCC.

All these features and more are combined into one amazing device to provide that special feeling while you ride the KKA S1. The rocker bridge structure is designed to assure stability on the skateboard, even in the tightest turn. Also, the small radius of the skateboard is small and very flexible. It helps the rider to be more efficient when turning, unlike the ordinary skateboard.

The skateboard comes fitted with 5-inch tires, larger than most boards and built to support riding on any surface; they are perfect for roads one will consider poor. Unlike regular skateboards with 3 or 4-inch tires, the ones on the KKA S1 are wear resistance and anti-corrosive. On good surfaces, you will enjoy a smooth ride and on rough terrains, the tires help make your journey as comfortable as possible.

There is so much more to the KKA S1 such as the strong hub motor, its high adaptability to harsh conditions, the front/tail LED lights, the controller, and much more. Learn more about this incredible skateboard and become a part of campaign for a better skating experience.