Running a successful bounce house rental can help bring Joy to your community


Summertime is all about vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, parties and lots extra time to spend with family, friends and loved ones. Most people look forward to holidays for many reasons, less worry about work and several opportunities to relieve stress and engage in fun activities. One exciting and a fun-filled way for grownups and kids to spend their free time and enjoy themselves together is by riding inflatable slides and bounce houses.

At some point, you may have heard kids around your neighborhood, at the community fair on in a recreational park riding and jumping on inflatable slides and houses; the thrill in the activity and the children screaming in excitement, one can easily tell how much fun the experience is for them. Bounce houses are so much fun for individuals of various age grades, and in a community with as much fun activities to engage people, the more joy and excitement is being spread around. Joining the trend is quite easy, as the bounce rental business has been around for a long time now, and lots of business-minded individuals are profiting from investing in this fun and exciting venture.

Although starting and running a successful business rental is quite straightforward, many people still get lost in all the questions surrounding the process which can sometimes be challenging to get the right answers.

Well, I would love to use this opportunity to address some of the common questions to help in making the right decisions.

What will it cost to start a bounce rental?

You will need to put together some funds for investment, make out the time and commit fully to the idea of bringing excitement to your community.

How difficult is it start and run a bounce house rental successfully?

Starting up an inflatable rental business is not as difficult as some might expect. Provided you have a registered business entity, and good insurance against liabilities, the next and most critical need will be to find a reliable and direct manufacturer in the U.S. who can supply you with commercial bounce houses along with other inflatable products.

How possible is it to setup and remove an inflatable structure by myself?

The weight and size of various inflatable structures vary, and as expected, you will need to invest significant effort and time in learning the techniques involved in the setup and removal process. The more you are engaged in the process, the easier the task will become.

How difficult will it be for me to rent these structures out?

Considering that you are starting up a business, you will need to create some awareness around your community to let people know about your bounce rental business. Your commercial bounce house supplier can also offer support in that regards with some marketing materials to improve target customer reach.

What profit margin can I expect in the bounce house rental business?

A whole lot of factors can affect setting a profit margin in the inflatable rental business as prices vary in different states across the United States. Depending on the size of the units, you can factor in the cost as well as the logistics of moving the structure to the required location and setting up for use as well as removing the structure when the event is over. For instance, in some areas in the U.S, regular units can go for $80 to $180 for a day and larger ones, between $600 and $800.

Running a successful bounce house rental can introduce so much fun and excitement to a community, and one can make some extra cash running the business that makes people happy.