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Just like in every other endeavor in life, if your competition is doing better than you and earning higher, even when you are better prepared and equipped than the next person, then it is possible they are employing a secret formula that is working the magic for them.

Amazon is one of, the highest and largest competitive online marketplaces on the Internet with various sellers ranging from newcomers to seasoned sellers who have mastered all the parameters for staying ahead and being successful in sales and generating consistent revenue even with the level of competition existing on the platform.

The businesses that struggle on Amazon lack the necessary knowledge and are ignorant of the science of the online store as well as what it takes to be successful and maintain revenue growth. AMZfoster is helping small, medium and struggling sellers on Amazon standout among the crowd, using specific optimization services designed exclusively for the platform.

The problems many sellers are facing

1. It can often be very frustrating to have your listing up with the best images possible, excellent product description and the keywords you believe will generate sales and still rank low and experience poor sales.

2. Some businesses who even possess the best customer-oriented features often end up struggling to compete with the major sellers on the platform.

3. On a daily basis, just like in any other business, even with offline stores, various challenges come up, and if you are better prepared, there is always a way to overcome. However, the majority of the sellers on Amazon are not ready enough for these challenges, and when they are faced with situations like varying interests among customers, new products becoming available in the market or new keyword regulations, they become considerably overwhelmed.

How AMZfoster is solving these problems

1. They offer product listing optimization to enhance item visibility by adopting searchable keywords.

2. With AMZfoster, you can extract Amazon backend search terms and use the information to optimize your listing position on the platform to help your business stand out from the competition.

3. The solution services make it possible to observe competitor actions, adopt complete Backend Search Terms (BST) and follow through in your top competition’s foot-steps. This way you can experience first-hand how the top sellers tackle challenges and better prepare yourself to take advantage of the situation instead of letting it swallow your business.

In the online marketplace, just offering what you believe people want to buy does not cut it anymore. Every day, more sellers are entering the market with the same range of items and even similar products that can be used as substitutes to what you offer.

Hence, the need for Product Listing Optimization. Customers will engage directly with what the always see when they search specific keywords and even if you have got the best product or services on Amazon, and the intended users cannot see enough of them, sales will continue to be poor, and your ranking on the platform will always be low.

AMZfoster offers solutions that can help any seller on Amazon improve their product ranking and up-lift sales in no time.