Booking a Versatile Performer and Entertainer for any Event

Music and dancing are apparently the two primary forms of entertainment in most of the events that happen across the nation and even world-wide. That said, other types of event entertainment exist, from aerial stunts to comedy performances from hilarious individuals who will get your audience cracking up in time, to spoken word artists who are capable of engaging the crowd emotionally as they throw light on community and personal views worthy of note. However, any event without music can easily be a recipe for boredom.

Whatever the occasion, be it a private, corporate or social event, booking a music entertainer is often one sure way to give your audience a great afternoon or evening of beautiful music and electrifying performances.

Before you go ahead to book the performing act for any of your events, you will need to, first of all, do a thorough research to determine if they are the right fit for the theme of your occasion. In the city New York, Asher Laub prides himself as one of the most versatile classical and electronic violinist in demand. He is known for his tremendous performances in various corporate functions such as weddings, house/dinner parties, concerts and much more.

Asher’s unique talent in music compliments his dedication and zeal towards finding exciting new ways of engaging his audience whether large or small. He plays more than one thousand tunes by memory and has a collection of music which he can improvise in an instance and provide a master class performance to thrill the crowd.

Asher’s Experience and Music Background

With over two decades of classical violin training and mastery of several other musical instruments such as drums, piano, guitar and a much more, Asher Laub has gone on to become an international sensation in improvisational performances. He can combine his violin with any genre of music as he breakdances to show off his skills to the audience. Asher is also well known for being a skilled composer of classical music, Bollywood music, hip-hop, Middle Eastern, rock and Jazz among many others. He has also achieved a significant number of recognition from veterans in the event entertainment industry appreciate his brilliant performances at every one of their events.

Asher’s Gig History

A man’s achievements tell you about what he has accomplished but more about what he is capable of; to help you manage your expectations. Asher and his band have had the opportunity to perform at Madison Square Garden, Central Park, Lincoln Center, B.B. King, the Jacob Javitz center and many more notable venues in the United States and beyond. His composure in front of thousands of his audience and active fans brings out the best in him to exceed everyone’s expectations continually.

He has also had the privilege to perform for world and community leaders as well as dignitaries from all walks of life, such as George Bush, Governor Mario Cuomo, Mayor Corey Booker, Gryffin, Ron Livingston as a host of other events organized by or in honor of notable men and women.

Asher Laub continues to improve his career by strengthening his act and being a versatile musician; he is always creating new ways to improvise and offer every audience an unforgettable experience.