Acer cares about the type of air your family breathe

Air pollution is a significant problem in the world. Ill environmental practices are continually challenging the green initiative efforts going on around the world to better protect and extend the lives of every human living on earth.

Acer Air Monitor is a device designed to monitor the quality of air which you and your family breathe for safety purposes. Logically, one can argue that air is a difficult element to quantify. However, Acer Air Monitor lays out the data for you to understand and digest while offering every user positive preventive actions to bring your air to a comfortable and acceptable quality.

With Acer Air Monitor, you can efficiently detect most air contaminants and pollutants in the atmosphere due to the effects of our daily activities. Taking control of the air, you breathe, is vital to the kind of life you are living. The adverse health effects of breathing bad air are severe and ordinarily undetectable until very late.

How Acer Air Monitor Works

The air monitoring device is simple to use and understand. You can monitor several statistics in the air, including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) and PMM2.5/10. All of these indexes are readily available when you use the Acer Air monitoring device in your bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere around your home.

Acer Air Monitor

The device also offers warm lighting, allowing the user to quickly understand the current situation of the air you are breathing at every point in time in your home.

The device also features historical tracking which refers to active real-time air monitoring and also results monitoring. Users are presented with tools to actively tackle long-term health issues and the ability to identify that these devices are always working correctly. Historical tracking displays directly to the user the effects of his or her actions as they take them.

The light sensor on the device harmonizes with your daily activities. The device synchronizes to the ambient lighting in your bedroom for instance, and so, it sleeps when you sleep and is awake when you wake. It also has IFTTT capability; making it possible for any user to create an ecosystem of smart devices easily.

Acer Air Monitor also features the Amazon Alexa Integration, a service that enables Smart Home Integration and offers users the opportunity to do more around their home. With Alexa, you can ask your device for the quality of the air you are breathing by Echo, Dot or Tap.

A quick guide to setting up and using the Acer Air Monitor

After acquiring the device from Amazon or any other authorized reseller in the United States, unbox the product and connect it to a power source. Then power on the device by pushing the button on the surface of the air monitor and then using your smartphone, visit the AppStore for iOS device users, or the Google Play Store for Android device users and download the Acer Air Monitor application for configuration details and setup.

User manuals are also available in the box as well as on the company website for download. You can also find the user manual in English, for IFTTT and Alexa, to help you understand how to integrate the air monitor with other smart home devices efficiently.