100 Percent Risk-Free ICO Currently at 50% Bonus and Ending on Sunday, October 8.

In about three days from today, Asset Token will end its offer of 100% risk-free Initial Coin Offering (ICO), currently at 50% bonus. With the current boom in cryptocurrency niche and the emergence of the Blockchain technology, more people are taking advantage of any and every opportunity to invest and get a slice of this giant cake that is revolutionizing the financial industry and has restored confidence and value to the concept of online currency and trading.

Asset Token is offering cryptocurrency enthusiasts and interested investors the opportunity to take advantage of the Blockchain rewards points system which provides a quick, easy and secure way to manage loyalty programs. Asset Tokens are the world’s first transferable and tradable rewards points which are ERC20- compliant on the Ethereum Network. The advantages and benefits of the rewards points system are available for both financial institutions and their clients alike.

The impact of the rewards points system across various industries is ever increasing but flawed with several challenges. Implementing a system which is based on Blockchain technology, Asset Token, a revolution in the industry is inevitable as the solution in itself creates a self-sustaining ecosystem which matures in value over time for all of its participants.

Significant benefits for Financial Institutions and their Clients

Control is freedom, and they are both two sides of the same coin. Asset Token offers every party involved control over how points are accumulated and stored, using the system based on Blockchain technology.

The opportunities in Rewards Points Programs

Many people will ask; why rewards? What are the chances that the system is worth the time and money of these participants?

Well, the world of commercial banking as we all know is incredibly competitive, and the rewards points program has proven to be an efficient method of winning and retaining new customers. In the U.S alone, more than 2.6 billion loyalty programs are currently in existence courtesy of banks, credit card companies and other institutions not limited to the financial sector.

The Deloitte Center for Financial services researched a survey that found 80% of the respondents more likely to use a bank which offers rewards. Similar results were also recorded from several other types of research carried out by different organizations. Even with the acceptance of loyalty programs nationwide, they are still not realizing their full potential. Account inactivity, times delays, low redemption & client retention rates as well system management, high transaction and customer acquisitions costs, are all factors affecting loyalty programs across various institutions.

The solution in Blockchain Technology

Various industry leading stakeholders are adopting the use of Blockchain technology in areas like the retail sector, virtual goods trading, and electricity trading as well as identity management, real estate and much more. These transformations in the society give hope to the likelihood of virtual wallets being used and accepted as a standard method of payment just like credit cards and paper wallets.

Incorporating Blockchain technology into rewards and loyalty programs increases transparency, reduces fraud, improves customer loyalty by offering points that do not expire and providing a flexible and robust rewards points program.

Asset Token offers a frictionless experience of the rewards points program with the power of Blockchain technology. Participants who can get in with the program today can take advantage of the 50% bonus on offer for 100% of the risk-free ICO and become part of the self-sustaining Asset Token ecosystem.



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